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Fox River Mills, Inc. was founded in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1900 and got its name from its location in the Fox River Valley.

During its first 60 years, Fox River manufactured socks, mittens and gloves primarily for hunters, fishermen and lumberjacks.

In the early 1960's, Fox River extended its product line to include new and innovative styles and colors to keep pace with the expanding active sports and recreation markets.

In 1966 Fox River began ties with the Osage, Iowa area and in 1971 completed a new mill facility after a mill fire and permanently relocated their headquarters there.

Fox River Mills is still a family owned and operated company with the workforce from Osage and the surrounding communities.

Truly a USA Company that has had even NASA certify a number of their styles for use in the space program.

"Proudly American Made Since 1900"

) Fox River offers many styles/models to suit many personal preferences and weather conditions.
) If you have a "preferred" style/model....let us know....we will get it.